Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD), Amsterdam (Netherlands)

DAS Graduate School was established in 2016 by the Academy of Theatre and Dance in order to bring its master’s, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof. Together with DAS Choreography, DAS Creative Producing and DAS Research, DAS Theatre is part of the newly founded DAS Graduate School of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), offering an environment where new ideas, approaches and practices can be instigated. The Graduate School is a place of change, research and development, meant to have an impact on the future of the performing arts field. DAS shares its building with other departments of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, which altogether offers 14 BA and 3 MA programmes in the field of theatre, dance and performance

DAS Theatre is a master’s programme for research-based artistic and curatorial practices in the field of theatre that is open to Dutch and international practitioners working in the performing arts as artists, curators, directors, performance makers and dramaturgs.
DAS Theatre is a full-time, two-year residential programme in which individual trajectories can benefit from a community of peers, tutors and advisors. It provides a working space, workshop sessions with guest teachers, and a broad international network. Artists and curators come together in a programme that supports artistic and curatorial research, challenges professional boundaries and cultivates potential connections with audiences, institutions, discourses, partners and collaborators.

As a school, DAS Theatre aims at being a place of change that can potentially widen the understanding of art and its relation with society at large, and possibly contribute to shaping the future of the international performing arts field. By providing and co-creating conditions for research and work, we support participants in their attempt to re-think, or even radically re-imagine forms, aesthetics, practices and ethics, thereby widening the understanding of what theatre is, and pre-figuring and practicing the theatre(s) of the future. At the same time, by cultivating a broad and diverse network of artists, curators, organizers and theoreticians, we try to reinforce the connection between education, research and production, and to nurture an understanding of possible connections with other disciplines and fields. At DAS Theatre, each participant brings into the programme and the community new perspectives, questions and urgencies; new cultural and socio-political angles and concerns; new networks and contexts. We try to make this richness available for everyone in the school, in a continuous attempt to question the givens and remain porous to an ever-changing world.