Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to apply for the project. Do I have to be a student until its completion?
    You have to have a student status with one of the participating schools while applying, but not till the end of Change Now.


  • Can I apply as a team of students?
    Yes, it is possible. However, each person in your group has to have a student status while applying.


  • Can I apply for the project as a student of Theory Department?
    Yes, you can. The project is designed for students of all majors from participating schools.


  • When applying, do I need to have a ready idea of my performance?
    You don’t have to have a complete idea of the performance. You can come with a draft of the concept or an idea for the direction you would like to take during Change Now.


  • Do I have to finish my performance by the end of the project?
    No. You don’t have to complete your project after workshop and theory parts. Change Now may be a series of workshops and meetings, which you treat as the time for developing your own theatre language and getting feedback on your ideas.


  • Can my project take the form of a performance directed and acted by me?
    Yes. You can choose the form. Please, remember that there is a predefined budget, which we can grant to support your performance. You are free to decide about the form, but need to take financial limitations into account.


  • Will all participants be able to stage their performances in Warsaw theatres?
    We cannot provide this option to all participants, as our budget and possibilities allow to produce only 4 projects in Warsaw theatres. It is possible if all participants work collectively in 4 groups (one group for one project).


  • Is team work on one project possible?
    Participants can create groups so that several people work on one project.


  • Will people other than participants be able to stage final performances in Warsaw theatres?
    Yes, people from outside the group of participants can stage their performances in Warsaw theatres, e.g. actors and technicians from theatre crews.


  • Will I be able to work with invited artists in between workshops?
    Yes. There will be an opportunity to contact invited artists in between workshop, get their feedback, etc.


  • Do I have to take part in all workshops, theoretical meetings, and discussions?
    Workshops and a theoretical part (meetings/conferences/discussions) are obligatory. The theoretical part will be arranged in such a way as not to interfere with the workshops. You don’t have to give an official conference speech (though you can!), but taking part in meetings and debates is an important part of the project.


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